I love the ocean and the ocean loves me
I can drown in loneliness or in the sea.

Catch me if you can
Before my feet don’t hit the floor

You never left a reason why, just a note that said “good bye, I’m sorry.”


This is what you mean to me
The sun, the sand, the sea,  the breeze

There isn’t much left of me
Some flesh to touch but no soul to see

I am lost in misery
You’re gone but you’re alive in reverie

I let you down, it hollows me
I pray you know that I am sorry.

You were the sun, the sand, the sea, the breeze
That is what you meant to me



Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.
I walked down a path of broken glass
And then did it again.

Forgive me, mother, for this sin.
I could have learnt a lesson but
I gambled and did not win.

Forgive me, brother
Forgive me, sister
For trailing so far behind Can’t you see, I’m still blind.

I lurk in the water below a crystal Cove.
I hunt your soul like it’s flesh and bone.
I knew you were coming long before you dove.
Oh, honey, I can’t let you go.
I’ll pick your feelings from your eyes and naw your breast to know your thoughts.
I’ll love you until your charisma rots.
I’ll drag you down with me honey, you won’t have to do a thing.

I apologize for laughing
I never know what to say
Your gaze was so direct
I had to look away
I’m sorry that my hands are cold
I like it when they’re numb
So when there’s no more nail left
I can bite my thumb